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Banners can be used for a number of purposes to increase brand recognition, make your message visible, or help launch new products and campaigns - both outside and inside!

With banners you easily attract a lot of attention, whether you only need a small banner or a large-format banner of 1000 square metres, we make it for you.

For outdoor use, PVC or mesh (perforated PVC) is common. The advantage of mesh is that the tiny holes will let air through and reduce the risk of the wind tearing the banner away. Thus, mesh should be chosen if the banner is to be hung exposed to the weather and is in a larger format.

You get eyelets (holes along the edges for hanging) every 50 cm and reinforced edges with the purchase of all our banners. If other types of suspension are desired, there are many different solutions to choose from.

Logobanner på ramme
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