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When something needs to be marked, stencil marking is a good and affordable solution.

You apply the stencil and spray or roll on paint, then your equipment will be permanently marked. A stencil can be used over and over again, as long as it is cleaned after each use. We produce stencils in all materials and sizes.

Stencils with logos can be used to mark all types of assets. You can mark containers, diesel drums, tanks, construction equipment, pallet collars, transport boxes and equipment. We can apply stencils with logos in many sizes and in different types or materials.

The logo needs to be modified somewhat with "bridges" so that the letters hand together, but we can take care of that. The area of application determines the material.

Common materials used to create stencils are:

  • Adhesive stencil

  • Magnet stencil

  • Brass stencil

  • Aluminum stencil

  • Plastic stencil

Let us help you find the correct stencil for your logos and products!

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